About Fembot5

Fembot5 was launched by an anonymous writer, activist and musician from India. Since February 2017, this blog has grown into an international effort creating Awareness about Empowerment of Female Talent in India. The initiative has steadily transformed and advanced given the increasing readership, feedback, social media follow. Made possible with the growing solidarity of contributors from India, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, France and Finland. Fembot5 initiative aims is to set up a ‘Sisterhood of Musicians’ in India by 2020. It’s time “Women set the parameters”.

“Women Hold Half The Sky” Old Zen saying…

At the core of this mission is the ‘socially inspired need’ to advance gender equality in music and create ‘rightful space’ for female talent in India. To ‘Increase Female Inclusivity and Participation’ among musicians, institutions, festivals, clubs, agencies and music based media in India. Engaging with 40 plus activists, artists, academics and professionals from various nations and backgrounds : We present female narratives, emerging data, research, models of development, grass-root ideas, feminist history and pertinent questions. ‘Advocacy and Action’ based on data, activism and narratives (marginalised or not).

And why 5?
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As the famous saying goes, “women’s rights are human rights.” That is to say, all women are entitled to all of the rights. Yet in India millions of girls and women are denied the right and opportunity to create and participate in culture – Simply because of gender and class. Privileged artists and professionals (including women) in India are far and few, and uncaring about those who actually need empowerment, resources and tools. We pledge new efforts, new ideas and renewed focus on women’s empowerment and talent in India via Music. Gender Equal Society and Economy – The most pressing issue of our generation!: Lets Collectivise!