Fembot5 is now FEMWAV.COM

India has long since displayed a very narrow view of what women can be – mothers, sisters, wives; mute spectators in their own lives. This outlook fed and fostered the Indian electronic music scene as it exists presently, assigning denigrating roles such as groupie or clout-seeker to women that showed tentative interest, effectively putting them off or shutting them out.

Fembot5 housed a preliminary discourse in 2017-18 on the issue of gender inequality to highlight how various societal and institutional injustice has created a massive gender disparity in the music landscape in India (all genres and across industry) – June 2019, in its new form as FEMWAV it is set to expand this conversation manifold by analysing the status quo as it relates to sexuality, gender, agency, and power in the Indian electronic music scene. FEMWAV also aims to further close this rift by actively creating more opportunities for women musicians, while promoting a supportive ecosystem that provides guidance, assistance, and a toolkit for becoming a musician.

This called for a shift in gears and increased overall activity, a stronger, simplified and totally unified commitment to affecting this change. We have been planning and setting the groundwork for this for eons. A a transition in our community branding, morphing Fembot5 into FEMWAV.

Please find us in our, and your, new home at FEMWAV.com. Connect with the FEMWAV movement and motivation. Don’t forget to look at our Team page!

Written by Uvika Wahi

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